The creation of ITMARITIME started when we observed that the maritime industry has an increasing use of digital tools and needs to integrate an IT culture into its work processes, while the IT sector is now very mature in terms of business continuity, good practices and cybersecurity.
ITMARITIME is the project to bring IT expertise to the maritime industry to fill a need of proficiency.
It is a project stated in Marseille France in 2020 by Guillaume Leleu.

About Guillaume Leleu

With 20 years of experience in IT, I have developed multiple expertise up to IT technical manager position in the shipping sector.
During 5 years I was able to work with groups like Vships, la Compagnie Maritime Nantaise, Sogestran, and for charterers including Total, DHT, Viken, Geogas, Teamtankers. I have worked on ships in shipyards or calls all over the world and I gained expertise on all the IT tools on board.
Since 3 years I have specialized in cybersecurity issues for this sector, by carrying out audits and support for the DNV cyber secure certification.
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